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ADV-B(G) smoke extract ventilator

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The ADV-B(G) mechanical smoke extract ventilator is an aluminium roof or wall extract unit, with an axial flow fan, designed to remove large volumes of air, with low energy consumption. It is particularly suitable for the exhaust of free air from large buildings for daily ventilation, and has low system resistance. The ADV-B(G) roof or wall ventilator is manufactured to NEN-EN-ISO 9002 quality control standards. The ADV-B(G) discharges the air/smoke vertically, where it is diluted by outside air, clear of the roof construction. The ADV-B(G) ventilator is suitable for continuous operation as a daily ventilator and as a once-only emergency smoke extract ventilator. The aerodynamic roof cowl is fitted with an external stainless steel birdguard and gravity based non-return shutter. The non-return shutter ensures the building remains watertight when the fan is not in operation. The lightweight aluminium construction is suitable for installation on steel, wood or concrete upstands, and can also be built in to various glazing systems.

Read more in the ADV-B(G) whitepaper

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