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LTV-LTVN air handling unit


The LTV and LTV-N air handling units are designed to cover the various requirements of heating, cooling, heat recovery, humidification and air filtration, for both commercial and industrial buildings. The modular construction and large choice of design capacities make it possible to customise the systems to meet exact customer and project specifications. The lightweight, corrosion-free aluminium construction allows for external or internal installation of the units. External installation saves space and minimises the effects of unwanted noise, with double skin insulation protecting the conditioned air from the effects of the environment. The units have a smooth external surface to facilitate cleaning in hygiene sensitive areas such as the food industry. Large hinged doors provide easy access for simple maintenance or cleaning of the internal components. The production of LTV and LTV-N units are carried out in a quality assured factory, certified according to the NEN-EN-150 9002 standard. The standard units are manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium to ensure many years of trouble free operation, and special applications can also be catered for by the manufacture of units with internal housings in stainless steel or chemical resistanct materials. This allows for the use of aggressive cleaning materials, or methods where the procress requires it for hygienic air flow conditions over a long period of operation.

Read more in the LTN/LTNV whitepaper

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