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NKV-T high performance roof/window louvre

107 NKV-T Duthler

The NKV-T louvre is a high performance high quality natural ventilator for the removal of large quantities of warm air or smoke from a building. The NKV-T is particularly suitable for industrial or commercial buildings where low air leakage, good thermal insulation and good sound reduction is required when the ventila­tor is closed. The fully welded, rigid construction, together with a choice of solid aluminium or fully sealed glass I polycarbonate blades makes this louvre the right choice-for high quality, high specification buildings. Each low profile multi purpose ventilator is manufactured to NEN-ENISO 9001 quality control stand­ards and is designed and tested to comply with various national standards for smoke ventilators.

Read more in the NKV-T whitepaper

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