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UNILAB-TSL natural ridge vents

67. wandrooster labyrint

The UNILAB MK1 - UNILAB MK2 and TSL range of labyrinth natural ventilators provides for the extraction of large volumes of warm air and/or smoke in an eco­nomic and energy efficient manner. They are specifically intended and designed for industrial applications where weather resistant ventilation must be maintained under all weather conditions. The lightweight, low profile, self supporting ventila­tors provide the high levels of ventilation required in industries with very high internal heat loads, from solar heat gains plus machinery or other hot production processes, where the hot and possibly contaminated air must still be removed during bad weather conditions, including rain or snow. ln many instances the machinery within a building produces high internal noise levels, and sound attenuation to limit or prevent noise breakout for environmental purposes is a requirement for the ventilation system. The labyrinth ventilator construction with its vertical air guide vanes provides a limited level of sound attenuation. This level of protection can be enhanced by the incorporation of purpose designed sound attenuation boxes, to meet any practically achievable design requirements for noise reduction. These attenuation boxes can be mounted above the roofline, or may be recessed into the building where a lower profile is required.

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