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DA automatic smoke curtain

108 rookscherm DA

The DA is an automatic smoke curtain that in case of fire limits and controls the movement of smoke, with classification D180 . The curtain is composed by: fiberglass fabric with polyurethane or silicone coating on both sides, seamed with steel wire and fixed to a steel roller of 70mm of diameter; galvanized headboxes; bottom bar; tubular motor of 24Vcc; motor regulation box – reference CRM; full fail-safe by gravity with controlled braking; control panel – reference CBM, with input of 220Vac and output of 24Vcc; UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with an autonomy up to 6 hours. Tested and approved according to the European Standard UNE EN 12101-1 and with CE Marking.

Read more in the DA whitepaper

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