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The Model CV cell ventilation security grille has an inherent robust quality incorporated within its design to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements of both the Ministry of Justice Prison Service specification and Home Office Police Custody Design Guide. Model CV for use within high security cell ventilation applications has been independently tested by the Home Office at their own facility and has achieved their “Fit For Purpose” status. The Prison Service standard grille (Model CV/MJ) is constructed from 2 main sections, a front plate and stub duct with a circular spigot connection. The front plate is manufactured in a single piece from 2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel (3mm thick galvanised steel and PPC optional) and having an active perforated area formed from 3mm diameter holes on 5mm centres. The stub duct section is manufactured from 2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel stitch welded to the front plate, (3mm thick galvanised steel and PPC optional) which together with the stainless steel clamping angle frame and recommended number of anchor bolts is suitable for a high security installation.

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